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     FOREVER manjishtha

Rubia cordifolia

A very good skincare herb.


A branched climber with bristles. The stem is slender and four angled. The leaves are rough, and arranged in whorl of four per node and oval to heart shaped with long leaf stalk. The leaves have 5-7 main nerves. The stipules are short living (leafy structures found at the nodal region). The flowers are very small, greenish white and arranged in branched cluster called dichasial cyme(forked flowering stalk, which bears specific number of flowers in each branch). The fruit is round fleshy drupe. When ripe is dark-purple. The roots have brownish red bark and gives red dye.


Health benefits:


It helps one to gain lustre and glow (of the skin) and aids to remove pimples, freckles and discoloration. Diseases of the skin like pigmentation anomalies and leucoderma. It is a drug of choice for treating various systemic problems like raised uric acid and gouty arthritis, glandular swellings, recurrent skin infections and other.


Ayurvedic properties.


Bitter ,stringent and sweet with hot potency. Kapha alleviator


Traditional uses.


Externally Used in skin disorders like acne , boils ulcers , and wounds

Manjishtha is used in skin disorders related to pigmentation , weakness, general debility and poisoning.

In disorders like leprosy, erysepalas, vitiligo and hypopigmentation, manjishtha is given with honey.




Powder- 1 to 3 gms

Decoction -60 to 100 g

Overdose of manjishtha may cause hallucination

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Capsules (120) 33.95

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